I am Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of Bonn.

My research interests focus on functional data analysis, semi- and nonparametric statistics, and panel data analysis.



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Submitted Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • A subsampled penalty criterion to estimate the number of non-vanishing common factors in large panels (with O. Bada)

  • Take off your shoes! Analyzing the foot strike behavior of habitual shod runners when running barefoot (with S. Willwacher, J. Hamill, and G. P. Brüggemann)

  • On the minor role of bandwidth selection when smoothing sparse to dense functional data

  • Observe the Unobservable: Firm Value and Firm-Specific Heterogeneity in Time Trends (with J. Gider)

  • Life-cycle Wage Trajectories with Missing Data: A Factor Analytic Approach (with P. Pinger)

Teaching Portfolio (Excerpt)


  • Together with my co-author Oualid Bada, I am the creator and maintainer of the R-package phtt. The package provides estimation procedures for panel data with general forms of unobservable heterogeneous effects.

Institutions & Affiliations

University of Bonn.

Hausdorff Center for Mathematics.

German Sport University Cologne.


  • My former life took (mostly) place in dojos, where I used to wear a judogi.