• Nonparametric Regression
    Literature: Li and Racine (2007), Fan and Gijbels (1996), and Wand and Jones (1994)

  • Panel Data Analysis
    Literature: Hsiao (2014), Greene (2003), and Baltagi (2008)

  • Multilevel (Mixed Effects) Linear Models
    Literature: Gelman and Hill (2006), Verbeke and Molenberghs (2000), and Gałecki and Burzykowski (2013)

  • Covariance Matrix Estimators (HAC and Friends)
    Literature: White (2014), Ch. 6 and Vignettes of the sandwich R-package

  • Multiple Testing
    Literature: Romano and Wolf (2005), F. Bretz (2010), and Y. Hochberg (1987)

  • Statistical Learning with Sparsity (Lasso and Generalizations)
    Literature: Hastie, Tibshirani, and Wainwright (2015)

Alternative topics suggested by the participants are generally appreciated.


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